Share Buyback Policy


The Board of Directors of Alarko Holding A.Ş. has resolved the following:
In order to protect the interests of all our stakeholders and to contribute to the formation of a
healthy share price,

-Within the framework of the Communiqué on Repurchased Shares II-22.1 of the Capital
Markets Board and the announcement made under the principle decision No. 9/177 dated
14.02.2023, a share buyback will be conducted,

-The maximum fund amount to be allocated for the share buyback, to be sourced from
internal resources, is determined as 550,000,000 TL (five hundred and fifty million Turkish

-The maximum nominal value of shares subject to repurchase is set at 4,350,000 TL (four
million three hundred fifty thousand Turkish Lira),

-The maximum period for the share buyback is determined to be one year,

-The share buyback program and the purchases to be made under this program will be
presented to the shareholders at the next General Assembly Meeting for their information.

Announced to the public.