Problems such as climate crisis, ecosystem destruction, biodiversity crisis and pressure on natural assets are becoming more systemic every year.

We recognize that it is not possible to build a healthy economy without a healthy planet. We believe that the ecological destruction wrought by humanity over the last few centuries must be reversed. Therefore, one of the pillars of our sustainability strategy is the planet. We strive to improve our performance by setting targets related to climate change, ecosystem restoration, and preservation of natural assets.

Climate Change

Alarko Group of Companies has established a vision of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and we are actively working to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions across all our Group-wide activities in alignment with our annual targets. Each of our companies contributes to the emission targets we set at the Group level by setting their targets.

Our strategy, which serves as a roadmap for decarbonizing our entire portfolio, informs decisions regarding new investments and outlines the actions required to reduce emissions from our existing companies Thus, we are taking strategic steps to incorporate new-generation businesses that have a meaningful future impact and are not carbon-intensive industries into our portfolio.

Group 4946

We reduced our turnover-based greenhouse gas emissions and energy intensity compared to 2021.

Our Works