The philosophy of our founders, İshak Alaton, "We" comes before "Me" at Alarko" and Dr. Üzeyir Garih, "People are the most important asset of an organization." continues to inspire all our processes involving our people and organizations.

These values guide all our people and organization processes and focus on coming together with a collective understanding, cooperation, and a people-centered approach. Our employees are the most valuable assets of our organization, and our sustainable success is based on their contribution and development. Accordingly, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and services and continuing to make a sustainable contribution to society by adopting a people-oriented approach in every step we take.


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Hear from Our Employees

‘I feel valued as an employee and a part of the Alarko family.’

Yağmur Ceylan

‘Being a part of this deep-rooted institution, which has been around since 1954 and puts people at its core, feels extremely valuable and full of trust.’

İçim Özer

‘I am happy to have been working and being a part of this institution for more than 30 years.’

Şenay Türköz

‘It always makes me proud to be a part of this great family, which adds value to our country with its nearly 70-year history and the projects it has realized and continues to realize in Turkey and abroad, from energy to contracting, from tourism to industry.’

Ece Zaimoğlu

‘I am proud to be a part of a reputable and high-value company like Alarko. I work for a company where I'm happy to contribute.’

Esra Sokullu Değerli

‘With its deep-rooted history and countless successes in the different sectors it operates in, Alarko always makes me feel like I am an important part of the family, giving me pride and confidence.’

Kübra Ceren Demirezen

Aik Istikbal

AİK Alarko Future’s Club

The future of the Alarko Group of Companies will be shaped under the leadership of young generations who have higher education, a dynamic approach, and are characterized by hard work, creativity, in-depth knowledge, and the will and determination to advance. Young generations will be the representatives who will shape the future of Alarko and drive the sustainable success of our company. Their energy, vision and innovation skills will contribute to the growth, development and sustainable success of the Alarko Group of Companies.

Performans Yonetim

Performance Management


Career Architecture

With the Alarko Career Architecture project, we aim to support our employees in efficiently structuring their career planning, taking steps toward their goals, and maximizing their personal and professional development.

Yetenek Yönetimi

Talent Management

As Talent Management we are aiming to develop a strategic roadmap that better serves the objectives of the organization while shaping the career paths of employees.



At Alarko Group of Companies, we have an effective reward system in place to celebrate the achievements of our employees, to support their outstanding performance, and to keep their motivation at the highest level. The reward system aims to encourage cooperation among employees, foster innovation, and drive for excellence.

Profile of Our Employees




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Percentage of employees with a college degree or higher


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7,16 Yıl

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