Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading, strong, reputable, world-class company which grows through the difference that we make.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed expectations and carry Alarko into the future by embracing universal values and adopting different business models.

Vision & Values

Main Philosophy

Main Pillars of the Alarko Philosophy The reputation and confidence that Alarko has built since 1954 is based on the company's world-class endeavors and its sense of responsibility towards the Turkish nation.

  • Giving the entire staff annual training at specific intervals according to their needs and fields and ensuring that they adopt modern technology;
  • Always being honest towards the government, customers, stakeholders, employees, partners, sub-sectors and supporting industries in all activities;
  • Making sure that all employees embrace the business as if it were their own, and that they work solely for the corporation's benefit at their own will;
  • Preserving nature and maintaining the social balance within the company in all activities;
  • Guiding customers without seeming forceful and prioritizing customer requests;
  • Focusing on quality at all times, and trying to offer customers the better even when they are satisfied with what is available;
  • Earning the profit that is deserved by the shareholders in light of these principles;
  • Implementing an autonomous management and central supervision approach; Embracing autonomy at the individual level; Adopting a bottom-up instead of top-down decision-making process with only approvals given by the management;
  • Motivating the entire staff with profitability through specific unilateral or bilateral formulas;
  • Prioritizing team work and sharing profits, losses, success and failures as a corporate organization that acts according to established systems and procedures in its operations.