In today's business world, effective digitalization and innovation management gives companies a competitive advantage.

At Alarko Holding, we regard digital transformation as one of the pivotal elements of our strategy for sustainable growth. We adopt new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to enhance operational efficiency, elevate customer experiences, and unearth new business opportunities. Through digital solutions, our objective is to generate value not only for our organization but also for the communities we engage with. We are committed to supporting social well-being in addition to economic growth through innovative R&D approaches that prioritize sustainability.

Digital Transformation

We are creating smart structures, agile workflows, real-time data provision, and digital ecosystem infrastructures and adopting a proactive and collaborative approach to deliver innovative, reliable, and sustainable people-centered technology strategies.

We consider Digital Transformation as an important part of the Group companies' strategies. We study and implement the best solutions globally that are specific to the industries in which our Group companies operate. We are supporting our digital transformation vision with our projects in data analytics, automation tools, mobile technologies, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, robotic processes, multi-experience, and other Industry 4.0 applications.

We aim to produce innovative solutions during digitalization, which is the foundation of our organization's digital transformation journey. Some of these innovative solutions include the following:

- Developing environmentally-focused innovation domains,

- Developing digital competencies

- Embedding the digital value proposition within our corporate culture and fostering an innovative environment through the Intrapreneurship Program and Digital Studios,

- Leveraging advanced technologies to create sustainable value,

- Centralizing data and bolstering decision-making systems through the establishment of dynamic digital data platform infrastructures.

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We establish strategic partnerships for inter-departmental digital service delivery.

Digital Transformation Roadmap Process

In order to respond to rapidly evolving customer needs with the rise of information technologies; We created our Digital Strategy Roadmap in order to increase the efficiency provided by digital transformation and innovation in our business processes, business models, customer relations, corporate operation and structure. Our Digital Strategy Roadmap, which emerged following the evaluation report that includes measurement of the current situation at the digital maturity level and areas for development, covers the process of designing the targets and actions we need to reach the digital competence level. Within the scope of the project, initiatives have been determined for the short, medium and long term until 2030 and priority project titles have been created. In order to maximize the digital maturity level of our organization, five main development areas have been identified: Culture and People, Governance and Leadership, Competence, Innovation and Technology.

During the project process, a Digital Transformation Committee consisting of all senior managers was established. In addition, we created a Transformation Team consisting of relevant functional units under the leadership of the Digital Transformation and Innovation Directorate in order to realize the target headings in 14 areas with an agile approach.

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