Compensation Policy


Alarko Holding AŞ developed its Compensation Policy in compliance with the Labor Law (“Labor Law”) dated 22.05.2003 and numbered 4857.


- Severance pay is paid to any employee, whose employment contract ends as a result of one of the events described in Labor Law, and is entitled to receive severance pay because of having a certain period of tenure, or to the legal inheritors of such employee in case of his/her death, based on the tenure and wage of the employee in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Labor Law.

- Pursuant to Article 17 of the Labor Law, pay in lieu of notice is paid either by (i) notifying an employee that his/her employment contract will be terminated within the periods stipulated in the Labor Law according to the tenure of such employee and by allowing her/him to seek a job or (ii) paying the employee his/her wage until the end of the notice period in cash.

This Compensation Policy has come into force when approved with the decision of Alarko Holding A.Ş. Board of Directors dated 16/09/2022 and numbered 870.