Stakeholders Policy


1. Stakeholders

A stakeholder is any person, institution, or interest group that has an interest in the achievement of the Company’s goals and its activities. Accordingly, the Company’s stakeholders include its shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, public authorities, sectorial organizations, NGOs, and potential investors.

1.1. Protection of the Stakeholders:

The relations between the stakeholders and the Company are regulated with written agreements to the extent it is possible. In its transactions and activities, the Company protects the rights of its stakeholders that are regulated in the applicable legislation and agreements. In cases where the rights of the stakeholders are not regulated by legislation and agreements, the interests of the stakeholders are protected according to the good faith principle, and by taking into account the rights, opportunities, and reputation of the Company. Should a conflict of interest arise among stakeholders, or if a stakeholder is involved in more than one group of interest, a balanced policy is adopted to the extent possible to protect the relevant rights; aiming to protect each right individually. Policies developed to protect stakeholders are announced in detail, in the “Policies” section of the corporate website of the Company.

1.2. Informing Stakeholders:

The Company is committed to equality, accuracy, and impartiality when providing information to its shareholders and stakeholders. In line with the principles of public disclosure and transparency, it is essential to inform the stakeholders timely, accurately, completely, and in an understandable and easily accessible manner, taking into account the rights and interests of the Company.

Information to the public is posted on the corporate website and the Public Disclosure Platform, whereas, internal information is given via the Company portals and proprietary applications.

The Company believes that giving information and making disclosures to stakeholders, excluding trade secrets, help create a more efficient market for capital market instruments. Any written or verbal information request by the capital market participants is met in writing or verbally, depending on the content of such request, by the Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Department which is a part of the Strategy and Business Development Group Presidency and consists of personnel licensed by the Capital Markets Board. The corporate communications unit is responsible for making press releases to the printed and visual media outlets.

Stakeholders of the Company are informed with material disclosures, the minutes of the general meeting of shareholders, annual and interim reports, financial reports, the Public Disclosure Platform, and the Company's website. The Company attaches importance to open communication, and employees are informed about the objectives and activities of the Company through evaluation and information meetings.

Alarko Holding Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Department is responsible for informing stakeholders under the Company's Information Policy, which is available at the Company's website at The Board of Directors has the power and is responsible for following up and developing the Information Policy of the Company.

1.3. Participation of Stakeholders in Management:

The Company’s Articles of Association do not contain any regulation that stipulates the participation of stakeholders in the Company's management. However, there are independent members of the Board of Directors to ensure that the rights of minority shareholders and other stakeholders are respected equally in the decisions taken.

The Employee Satisfaction Survey helps to learn the employees' expectations about the Company and the management and collect their suggestions for improving employment and working conditions. In addition, improvement suggestions are received from the employees through internal communication and information meetings. With the lean management system implemented throughout the Company, employees are provided with the opportunity to give and implement suggestions, and their suggestions are received on remedial activities.

There are systems to ensure that all employees do the right job at the right time, develop their knowledge and skills in line with their needs, and receive constructive and timely feedback on their performance. With effective talent management practices, the leaders of the future are determined from among our employees. Employee participation is strengthened through various internal communication practices, efforts are made to increase employee loyalty, and all measures are taken to provide a healthy and safe working environment.

Various meetings are held with customers, suppliers, and potential and current investors.

2. People and Organizational Policy:

PEOPLE and ORGANIZATIONAL Policy of the Company is:

“Capitalizing on and directing our competent and committed human resources that embraced our corporate culture, in line with the vision and strategic goals of the Company, and continuously improving individual and corporate performance with HR processes and systems at international standards, and revealing the potential with our experience.

In the light of our People and Organizational Policy, we have established the following working principles, being well aware that “People” is the most important and inimitable asset for achieving sustainable success and corporate continuity in this globalizing world, and an increasingly competitive environment:

 - Providing a harmonious working environment, ensuring good relations between employees based on mutual respect, trust, and cooperation, and open and honest communication, maintaining a dynamic organizational structure, engaging in effective teamwork, and allowing generating new ideas,

- Adopting the philosophy of "the right person in the right place" at Alarko, by placing our candidates/employees in the job that best suits their knowledge, skills, competencies, and abilities in compliance with our recruitment policy,

- Based on our principle of diversity and inclusion, displaying a professional approach towards candidates that apply through different channels, notwithstanding their language, religion, race, sect, age, educational and cultural background,

- Providing an “Orientation Program” to new employees, to help them adapt to the culture of Alarko Holding A.Ş. and Group Companies and their jobs.

- Serving the corporate vision and strategy with Individual and Corporate Performance  Management that provides successful and permanent business results, as part of the Performance System committed to achieving high organizational competencies and common corporate goals;

- Systematically developing and training our employees with a training program including onthe-job training, rotation, promotion, and job enrichment methods, based on the Performance Management System and suitable for their career plans,

- Helping employees to develop their career plans by determining the requirements for each position and alternative career paths,

- Determining the level and job family structures within the framework of the Company’s fair remuneration policy target,

- Carrying out “well-being” practices aimed at ensuring the physical and mental health of the employees holistically,

- Adopting the Hybrid Work Order, which is a more flexible and more productive working environment that contributes positively to the work-life balance,

- Recognizing the value of every process and every employee involved in such process, by considering the impact of every business process on the corporate goals of Alarko Holding A.Ş. and Group Companies,

3. Relations with Customers and Suppliers:

Since 1954, the Company owes its prestige and reliability to its world-class work and its sense of responsibility toward the Turkish public. The Company is committed to acting with integrity in its activities and relations with the government, customers, stakeholders, personnel, shareholders, subcontractors, and sub-industry, to protect the nature and internal social balance, to guide the customer without forcing, to give priority to customer satisfaction and to realize the profit that the stakeholders deserve under these conditions.

In parallel with the changing global conditions, the Company provides a high-quality service that is environment-friendly and respects the rights of customers, suppliers, and employees.

Due care is exercised to maintain the confidentiality of the trade secrets of the customers and the suppliers. The Company takes necessary measures to establish good relations with its customers and suppliers, free from unfair benefits, and to comply with the terms of the agreement between the parties.

4. Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility:

The Company conducts its activities in line with Alarko Holding A.Ş. and Group Companies Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct disclosed to the public on its website (

This Compensation Policy has come into force when approved with the decision of Alarko Holding A.Ş. Board of Directors dated 16/09/2022 and numbered 870.