People and Organizational Policy



“Capitalizing on and directing our competent and committed human resources that embraced our corporate culture, in line with the vision and strategic goals of the Company, and continuously improving individual and corporate performance with HR processes and systems at international standards, and revealing the potential with our experience.

In the light of our People and Organizational Policy, we have established the following working principles, being well aware that “People” is the most important and inimitable asset for achieving sustainable success and corporate continuity in this globalizing world, and an increasingly competitive environment:

- Providing a harmonious working environment, ensuring good relations between employees based on mutual respect, trust, and cooperation, and open and honest communication, maintaining a dynamic organizational structure, engaging in effective teamwork, and giving an opportunity to generate new ideas,

- Adopting the philosophy of "the right person in the right place" at Alarko, by placing our candidates/employees in the job that best suits their knowledge, skills, competencies, and abilities in compliance with our recruitment policy,

- Based on our principle of diversity and inclusion, displaying a professional approach towards candidates that apply through different channels, notwithstanding their language, religion, race, sect, age, educational and cultural background,

- Providing an “Orientation Program” to new employees, to help them adapt to the culture of Alarko Holding A.Ş. and Group Companies and to their jobs.

- Serving the corporate vision and strategy with Individual and Corporate Performance Management that provides successful and permanent business results, as part of the Performance System committed to achieve high organizational competencies and common corporate goals;

- Systematically developing and training our employees with a training program including with on-the-job training, rotation, promotion and job enrichment methods, based on the Performance Management System and suitable for their career plans,

- Helping employees to develop their career plans by determining the requirements for each position and alternative career paths,

- Determining the level and job family structures within the framework of the Company’s fair remuneration policy target,

- Carrying out “well-being” practices aimed at ensuring the physical and mental health of the employees holistically,

- Adopting the Hybrid Work Order, which is a more flexible and more productive working environment that contributes positively to the work-life balance,

- Recognizing the value of every process and every employee involved in such process, by considering the impact of every business process on the corporate goals of Alarko Holding A.Ş.  and Group Companies.

This People and Organizational Policy has come into force when approved with the decision of Alarko Holding A.Ş. Board of Directors dated 16/09/2022 and numbered 870.