Dividend Distribution Policy

Our Company distributes dividends in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code, Capital Market Legislation, Tax Legislation and other applicable legislation, as well as the provisions of the articles of association governing dividend distribution.

The annual dividend distribution proposal of the Board of Directors, which addresses the issues set forth in the dividend distribution policy and the CMB Corporate Governance Principles, is specified in the annual report.

The Board of Directors annually makes a decision regarding the payment of dividends in accordance with the dividend distribution policy of the company and submits said decision for approval by the General Assembly.

If the Board of Directors’ proposal for distribution of dividends is approved by the General Assembly, dividend payments shall start, as a rule, within 1 month at the latest.

Our Company has adopted its dividend distribution policy in line with the provisions of the Capital Market Legislation and our Articles of Association, taking into consideration its business performance, investment policy, cash requirements, financial status and market developments. In case of any negative development in the national and global economic conditions, this policy shall be revised by the Board of Directors each year depending on the status of the projects on the agenda and the company's financial resources.

Our Company observes the principle of distributing at least 5% of its distributable profit for the period each year to its shareholders as dividend in cash or in the form of bonus shares by adding these shares to the share capital.

In line with the dividend distribution policy, dividends shall be equally distributed to all the existing shareholders as of the relevant accounting period, and no privileges shall be applied. The Board of Directors is authorized by the General Assembly to distribute interim dividends, subject to compliance with Capital Markets Legislation regulations.