The Karakuz Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant Project is located on the Körkün River within the boundaries of the Pozantı and Karaisalı Counties of the Adana Province. The annual energy production of the plant with an installed capacity of 76 MW will be 276 GWh. The project consists of intake and outlet structures as well as derivation and energy tunnels, coffer-dams, access roads on either side of the lake, balance tank, penstock, power plant, switchyard and transmission lines.

The dam consists of a concrete body with a crest length of approximately 200 m and a height of 45 m from the foundation. The dam lake area is 29,9 hm2 with a total volume of 5.112 hm3 and the access road around the lake is 6,2 km. The 321 m long derivation tunnel has a diameter of 6 m and the 11 km energy tunnel (Two TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machine) will be used for the energy tunnel) has an interior diameter of 3,1 m. The 56 m deep balance tank with an interior diameter of 12 m is situated close to the outlet of the energy tunnel. The 1.580 m long penstock with an interior diameter of 2 m has a vertical drop of 530 m. There are two Pelton type turbins in the power plant. The 154 kV switchyard will be connected to the National Power Distribution System by a 32 km long energy transmission line. The volume of the earth and concrete works of the project is 2.000.000 m3 and 160.000 m3 respectively.

Adana/ Turkey



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