"The turn-key Projects consisted of the procurement and construction of the hush-houses and avinoics buildings fitted with all mechanical and electrical systems within the airports of 6 different cities:
F- 16 Hush House / Eskişehir
F-16 Hush House / Diyarbakır
F-16 Hush House / Merzifon
F-16 Hush House & Avionics Building / Mürted - Ankara F-16 Hush House & Avionics Building / Balıkesir"

Eskişehir, Diyarbakır, Merzifon, Mürted, Balıkesir, Bandırma

CUSTOMER: T.R. Ministry of National Defense Construction Real Estate and Nato Inf. Department Head

DESIGN: Yalcin Teknik - HES Engineering

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