Design and Execution of Lot 1 and Lot 2South Ring Motorway Bucharest

The Southern Bucharest Ring Road Project, which we have undertaken in Romania, is 33 km long and consists of two sections. It is foreseen to be completed in a total of 36 months, including 12 months of design and 24 months of construction. The Ring Road project, which will constitute one of the busiest traffic arteries of Romania, includes the junctions of the national roads Bucharest - Giurgiu and Bucharest - Alexandria - Craiova. The design phase of the project to be realized with the EPC model has been completed and the construction works are expected to be completed by 2023. Within the scope of the project planned as 2x2, 10 highway viaducts, 19 overpass bridges, 4 highway intersection arrangements, bituminous hot coating works, 55 culverts, 2 operation and maintenance areas, 4 temporary parking areas, highway traffic regulation and passenger information systems (ITS) and other closed security systems, road lighting and various finishing works will be done.


CLIENT: Ministry of Transport and Communications Republic of Romania

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