Great Almaty Ring Road is Completed

Great Almaty Ring Road is Completed
30.06.2023 -

The Great Almaty Ring Road (BAKAD), 30 kilometers from Almaty, has been put into service, with Alarko Contracting Group as a consortium member.

BAKAD, part of the international highway connecting Western China and Western Europe, was opened for operation on Friday, 16 June 2023. Mr. Kuantyrov Alibek Sakenovich, the Minister of National Economy, Mr. Dossaev Erbolat Askarbekovich, the Governor of Almaty, Mr. Marat Sultangaziev, the Governor of Almaty Region, and Kazakhstan dignitaries were present at the ceremony.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. İzzet Garih, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alarko Holding, expressed his pleasure to take part in BAKAD, Kazakhstan's first large-scale public-private partnership outside the oil and gas sector. Garih stated that as a result of the long-standing friendship between Kazakhstan and Turkey, Alarko Contracting Group has successfully completed many projects in Kazakhstan, including Astana Airport, Taldykol Treatment Plant, Bozshakol Copper Concentrate Plant, Aktau Manasha Road Project, Almaty Bishkek Road Rehabilitation.

Garih characterized the friendship between the two countries as follows: “Kazakhstan, with its strategic position in Asia and its philosophy of continual development, is a significant player in our region. The shared historical, cultural, and spiritual ties between Turkey and Kazakhstan have long been among the most essential factors in the growth of bilateral relations. On the other hand, while Turkey's robust economy and growth-oriented orientation provide considerable advantages for many sectors, Alarko Holding continues its international operations. I would like to thank you for your invitation and hope that our new project will be beneficial for Kazakhstan, our second home country, where we have been operating for the past 30 years, as well as the people and state of Kazakhstan.

The project was carried out by the joint venture of Alsim Alarko Sanayi Tesisleri ve Ticaret A.Ş. / Makyol İnşaat Sanayi Turizm ve Ticaret A.Ş. / SK Ecoplant Co. Ltd. / Korea Expressway Corporation, and the construction of the project estimated to take 50 months was completed in 32 months and commissioned before the deadline in the contract, thanks to the outstanding performance of the teams. The 66 km long Great Almaty Ring Road project will ease the burden on the city's transportation routes and serve approximately two million people. The commissioning of the project will play an important role in reducing traffic congestion and minimizing air pollution in Almaty.