Alarko Carrier Launches Its E-Trade Platform

Alarko Carrier Launches Its E-Trade Platform
29.03.2019 -

Alarko Carrier, the pioneering air-conditioning brand in Turkey launched its e-trade platform. visitors will be able to review combi boilers, air conditioners and accessories 7/24, and make an order with a few clicks.

Alarko Carrier Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. that was established in 1998 as an equal partnership between Alarko Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., an actor of the air-conditioning industry for 65 years, and Carrier, the world leader in its segment, has renewed its website and is now offering consumers an e-trade platform, following its successful work on social media platforms. The platform can be accessed at
Alarko Carrier e-trade website, allows visitors to enjoy the comfort of ordering an air-conditioner or a combi boiler on any day, and at any time. It is possible to access detailed information on combi boilers, air-conditioners and accessories on the website, and to make an online order.
Air-Conditioner and Combi Boiler Wizards are guiding visitors
Visitors can access product specifications, technical data and documents on this website with its simple, modern, and user-friendly interface. Moreover, visitors can use Combi Boiler and Air-Conditioner Wizards on the website to choose the model that best fits their needs.
The Combi Boiler Wizard helps the visitors to choose the best air-conditioner that suit their needs by entering the name of their province; the floor, where their flat is located; the settlement and insulation information; the size of the flat; and the ceiling height of the house.
Whereas, the Air-Conditioner Wizard lists the most suitable air-conditioner models according to the city; average number of people in the relevant setting; the dimensions of the area, where the air-conditioner will be used; the direction of the windows; total window area, and insulation information.
Thanks to the data management system of the website, all registered users are sent reminders on critical issues such as products and various campaigns, and annual product maintenance, as well as information on new products and other product groups that they may need.
The website meets the needs of the consumers very fast thanks to information and quote forms for the products in Alarko Carrier product range, that need preliminary engineering service such as building management systems, and heat sharing services.
Alarko Carrier General Manager Cem Akan explains that they made an important investment in digital transformation with the e-trade website: “Alarko Carrier closely monitors the prevailing trends, and we are working according to our long-term strategic plans. We are witnessing the change worldwide, brought by digitalization, and today, digital transformation is inevitable. We took an important step in this process with our e-trade platform. We are happy to launch a project, which is among the very firsts of its kind, and will set an example to the entire industry.”