Alarko Brand Receives the "Best Growth" Award in China

Alarko Brand Receives the "Best Growth" Award in China
02.08.2019 -

Ouya Rongda HVAC Technology Beijing (OYRD), Alarko's China Distributor, attended "China Comfort Home-2019” conference held in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei state and the biggest city of China.

Having its recognition quickly reinforced with the survey held in the conference that lasted three days, which was attended by more than hundred businesses operating in the industry, experts, trade unions and "heating and ventilation unions" on provincial and municipality level, Alarko Brand received the "Best Growth" award. The award indicates that Alarko, which entered the Chinese market with Ouya Rongda HVAC Technology Beijing (OYRD) as its Distributor, is well appreciated by the sector professionals thanks to both its high-tech and high-quality products and its pre-sales and post-sales technical services.

In addition, OYRD also won "Outstanding Contribution" award as Alarko Distributor because of its contribution to the air-conditioning industry in China.

The information provided by Lily Lu, OYRD General Manager, on the application of double-condensing technology on combi boilers, which is a first in China and which was introduced to the market by Alarko, received huge attention from the participants. The conference participants had the chance to examine Alarko products exhibited, and to obtain detailed technical information from OYRD representatives.