Alarko Future's Club

Alarko Group of Companies believes in supporting and motivating the dynamic, hardworking and productive young generation. At Alarko, the future lies in the hands of aspiring young people

The future of Alarko Group of Companies lies in the hands of dynamic, hardworking, creative, knowledgeable young people who have completed their higher education and have the desire and ambition for a bright career.

Alarko Future's Club, abbreviated as AIK based on its Turkish name "Alarko İstikbal Kulübü", was founded in 1985 by İshak Alaton and Üzeyir Garih for the purpose of training young Alarko employees as successful technicians and managers of the future.

Alarko Future's Club consists of dynamic, hardworking, creative and knowledgeable young men and women who have the desire and ambition for a bright career at Alarko Group of Companies.

Members of the Alarko Future's Club are trained as skilled specialists, technicians and managers who will shape the future of Alarko Group of Companies.

With 21-33 year-old members, the Club can be described as a "smaller Alarko within Alarko" and serves as a management simulation with its own board of directors, committee chairmen and budget.

Alarko Holding Board of Directors and supervisors consisting of other senior executives guide members with their valuable experience, making a significant contribution to their development, at Alarko Future's Club, which marks a first in Turkey.

Trainings and other activities organized by the Club to help young members become successful professionals are intended not only to achieve occupational competency but also to offer guidance in social and cultural life.

Alarko Future's Club continues to organize training and development programs as well as social, cultural and sports events for young Alarko employees that have the necessary qualifications to become successful specialists and managers who believe in team spirit and harmonious cooperation.

"Smaller Alarko within Alarko"