Internship Oppurtunities

We gain new strength by offering internship opportunities.

Internship Conditions

  • Internships opportunities are available for enrolled undergraduate students.
  • Management and Engineering internships are available at all our subsidiaries except jobsites and abroad.
  • Candidates should be obligated to complete an internship program as part of their education.

Method and Place of Application

  • Candidates should personally apply to the Human Resources department of the Head Office of Alarko Group of Companies (in Ortaköy) or the HR departments of other Alarko companies to complete an "Internship Application Form".

Time of Application

  • Internship applications should be made between 8:30-12:00 and 13:00-17:30 on weekdays by April 30.

Documents Required for Application

  • One passport photo,
  • A document issued by the university confirming that internship is compulsory,
    Alarko Internship Application Form.

Internship Periods

  • Summer internship covers July, August and September.

Internship Duration

  • Summer Internship is arranged in 1-month periods including "20 business days" at most so that as many students as possible may benefit from this opportunity.

Evaluation of Applications and Notification of Results

  • Applications to Alarko are evaluated by the specialists and managers of companies/departments where interns will be placed, primarily in consideration of our needs and capacity, and placements are done accordingly.
  • Internship programs are prepared at the end of May and application results are notified to candidates by e-mail or, if e-mail is not available, by other means of communication.

Benefits Provided

  • Students doing their summer internship at Alarko are provided with shuttle service and lunch.

Internships opportunities are available for enrolled undergraduate students.