Dr. Üzeyir Garih

Our destiny is improved by good, novel ideas.
  • The dynamism of the Turkish people is enough to turn our country's high potential into reality.
  • Engagement is the most important factor that makes an employee loyal to their company.
    İş Hayatında Motivasyon 4, p. 99
  • Business ethics requires businessmen to prioritize national interests over company interests.
  • I believe that living longer isn't just about surviving longer; people should make the most of every second of their lives to achieve that.
    Yönetim Teknikleri
  • Happiness is a natural result of the forward progress of an individual's material and spiritual life...
    Deneyimlerim III, p. 310
  • The measure of love is the sacrifice that can be made for the beloved.
    Deneyimlerim V, p. 153
  • A building should be erected on a foundation of success, with its roof complete. The building itself consists of the businessman's spiritual characteristics, i.e. friendship, ethics and compassion.
    Deneyimlerim II, p. 20
  • Excellence is possible through tolerance, modesty and a universal mind.
    Deneyimlerim II, p. 9
  • Lack of love keeps man from rising.
    Deneyimlerim III, p. 71
  • People are the most important asset of an organization.
    Deneyimlerim III, p. 133
  • Business is not managed; resources are.
    Deneyimlerim II, p. 115
  • People come first in every investment. An investment may never be successful without man's genius, contemplation, design and effort.
    Deneyimlerim II, p. 137
  • Love people. Make a wide circle of friends. Never take advantage of your friendships. Only make use of your friends to convey your rightful cause to the right people.
    Deneyimlerim III, p. 78
  • Skillful managers can succeed by paying attention to keep balances and correcting any imbalance.
    Deneyimlerim V, p. 157
  • The likelihood of a problem's solution is correlated with how clearly that problem is posed. If the question is posed clearly, the answer is probably hidden in the question itself.
    Yönetim İlkleri 1, p. 256
  • The manager is interested in systems and structures; the leader is interested in people.
    Yönetim İlkleri 1, p. 275
  • Developing ideas and finding the real solution is often facilitated by mutual dialogue within the team.
    İş Hayatında Motivasyon 4, p. 31